Review: Rancid – Let the Dominoes Fall by underground
August 14, 2009, 6:20 pm
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Barring an exception release over the remaining months of 2009, Rancid’s Let the Dominoes Fall is the album of the year. After a six year hiatus, Rancid have come back with a new drummer and an album worthy of their fine back catalogue.

Rancid do something few bands their age have. Each album, apart from perhaps their first two, differs greatly from their others. This means the band do not sound tired and are able to take inspiration from different genres without losing their core sound or fans.  Let the Dominoes Fall has the rough rock n roll feel of their early sound, the radio friendly song writing and style of Out Come the Wolves, the reggae and ska infusion of Life Won’t Wait,  the energy, grit and passion of Rancid 2000 and the soul and hip hop attitude of Indestructible.

Tim and Lars give Matt Freeman another chance on vocals in several songs and his voice never sounded so good, or rather appropriate, especially on LA River. The band’s ode to New Orleans is fantastic, but this really is an album of many highlights and few, if any, fillers. Typical to form the album has 19 tracks, so there is a lot of listening to be done.

If you haven’t already bought this album, make sure to purchase the special edition with acoustic bonus track. Sceptical of how well Rancid songs could make the switch to unplugged, I was surprised about how listenable the 12 track bonus CD is. Great for road trips through the countryside!

Definitely worth the wait.


That’s not punk! by underground

What the punk?

Yes that’s right, punk is dead
It’s just another cheap product for the consumers head
Bubblegum rock on plastic transistors
Schoolboy sedition backed by big time promoters
CBS promote the Clash
Ain’t for revolution, it’s just for cash
Punk became a fashion just like hippy used to be
Ain’t got a thing to do with your or me
Punk is Dead – Crass

Punk died in the 1980s. I wish they’d stop trying to resurrect it. I’ve debated this over and over. Punk is dead, kids. Get over it.” Urban dictionary

Punk rock isn’t any more alive and thriving today than psychedelic rock or new wave. As far as the broader culture is concerned, it’s been dead for awhile and it ain’t coming back.J.P. Gorman

Is punk dead? Having now fractured into so many sub-genres, it can be easy to see why people would look back 20-30 years if asked what music is punk. Additionally, considering the only punk music that gets any real exposure is pop punk, with lyrics typically about romance or bratty teenagers, or emo, which I will refrain from attacking, it is understandable that many people would believe the punk ethos to have either died, or to have dispersed elsewhere. However my friends, punk is not dead. It has, however, evolved and thankfully matured from its chaotic and often unintelligent infancy. Continue reading