Underarms, Catamarans and Food poisonings by underground

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am bit of a sports fan. I will get up at 3am when the All Blacks play the Boks and I will stay up all night to urge on the Blackcaps from the other side of the world. I always love to talk sports. As undergroundnetwork is dedicated mainly to my thoughts on political, social, philosophical and media issues, I’ve started a new blog for my sports rants called Underarms, Catamarans and Food poisonings. As the name suggests, the site is where I will complain about the boys and girls in black being robbed when they lose, and claim they are the best in the world when they win. Just like with undergroundnetwork, I am keen to get other people of like mind on board, particularly those with political/social issues blogs who would like to vent their sports passions elsewhere. I am keen to get people with a diverse range of sporting interests involved, as I only follow Football, Cricket and Rugby religiously.

So I welcome you to check it out, please contact me if you want to have a rant on the site.



Is this racist? Or is it a joke? by underground
April 5, 2008, 2:55 pm
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“About 414,000 people (ten percent of New Zealand’s 2-legged population) watched four hours of live coverage of Edmund Hillary’s state (!) funeral on a NZ TV channel, while another 55,500 watched a two-and-a-half hour long coverage on another channel, according to a report. [Edmund Hillary was one of the first people to glorify the littering of Mount Everest, the first steps in destroying one of Earth’s remotest ecosystem, and be praised for it.]”

Whilst surfing through various blogs, clicking on tags and seeing what comes my way I ended up here. Continue reading

Hello. by underground
March 31, 2008, 7:31 am
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Hello. First post of first blog. Do i have anything to say? no. Not just yet. You’ll have to wait. Till then, welcome to my blog. How are you today? That’s nice. I’m well, thanks for asking.

So a blog, what’s that all about? I’ve no idea. I hope to find out eventually and what better way to find out than to start one. I’m not very web savvy, I haven’t a myspace, bebo, facebook or whatever site, I haven’t a clue really about anything internety. But I feel like public airing my rants, so I’ve created a blog.

Underground network? I’ve always thought it would make a great newspaper title. This will be the closest thing for now. I did not create the name, I’ve borrowed (or should i say stole) it from an Anti-flag song, ‘underground network’.


“Underground Network, alternative communication,

Corporate media can’t keep us beat down, brainwashed, enslaved,

cause of our underground network, alternative communication”

As a journalism student, I harbour no illusions that i will never be constrained by the restrictions of corporate media, for we all need to earn a living and journalism is no exception. Because mass media is run as a business, it must sacrifice somethings to make money. But I hope to never let the commercial side of the media industry extinguish the reasons I wish to become a journalist. All those lofty ideals like truth, integrity, accountable and whatnot that hope to inject into society and into politics to flush out all the toxic something a-rather bla bla bla, im come back to this late

I hope to return to this when I’m sober, make it make sense. Remove some of the ‘somethings’ and add more specific words. I look forward to making some changes!

See you till next time.