Israel is not an island. by underground

As if contestants in the TV show survivor, Israeli soldiers have been granted immunity from prosecution by their prime minister for participating in the last game show challenge.

From the BBC:

In Israel, Prime Minister Olmert told a weekly cabinet meeting that soldiers who had put their lives on the line for their country need not fear prosecution for war crimes overseas.

“The commanders and soldiers that were sent on the task in Gaza should know that they are safe from any tribunal and that the State of Israel will assist them in this issue and protect them as they protected us with their bodies during the military operation in Gaza,” he said.

What is Olmert saying here? That international law does not cover Israel? That, theoretically, an Israeli soldier could rape, massacre, torture, in fact do anything they desire,  safe in the knowledge that their PM will not allow them to be held accountable? Does this not encourage the crimes we have heard reported from Gaza in the past conflict? Why concern oneself with abiding by international conventions when you are exempt from their consequences?

Olmert expects the international community to condemn and punish Hamas criminals for violating international law, rightly, however will not play ball and allow his own forces to be held accountable for their actions. In insisting their troops are outside of international law, with the assistance of the US, Olmert and his predecessors are allowing and even encouraging Israeli soldiers to violate human rights. So when kids on beaches are shelled, when homes are bulldozed with the occupants still inside and marked UN buildings and refugee camps are fired upon, Olmert and his associates are as culpable as the commander who gives the order to fire. Perhaps the next time he is outside of his country’s borders, Olmert should be held accountable to the international laws he flouts and be tried at the Hague.


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No nation is above the law. Nobody can just kill without being penalized for his action. The same as through with leaders and people involved in human rights violation. But this time both Hamas and the Israeli are accountable to their actions. The collateral damaged done by Israel on Gaza is no doubt atrributed also to the Hamas who used civilians a human shield. Israelis on the other hand were provoked into invading Gaza to exercise what they call as right for self-defense. One question needs an answer however–if Hamas battled the Israeli face to face outside civilian population, did Israelis still bomb civilian buildings and facilities? It is not certain either. Bringing to justice those who acted wrongly against civilians in both Israel and Palestine is one complex thing. But there is one thing sure, Israel and Palestine (whoever has the power and influence) should coexist peacefully and respect each other. Israel and Palestine should talk more of peace than war. Economic recovery rather than revenge. Give peace a chance.

Comment by doc.bobonyo

Israel as never shown any regard for international law. But this is nothing new. What is Passover? A commemoration of the night they massacred other people’s babies. Oh…”God” did it. So why the star on the door then? Doesn’t God know who is Jewish and who isn’t?

Then there were the trials of King David who as to kill 31 kings to secure “his” land. It used to be theirs, but he said God promised it to him. Then we have the Canaanites – whom the ancient Jews killed in order to tke their land. Again, God said it was ok. Old Testament is full of deities authorising all maner of atrocity and theft.

Why should the present be any different? The law means nothing of he most powerful countries – like the US – feel free to ignore it and enable and support others who do the same.

This should end. In a ust world, it would.

Comment by truthseekernz

Well… particular in this matter i would say that GAZA is just paying the fee for spreading terrorism in Israel……

Comment by Moe Tamani

Hmm, thoughtful comment Moe Tamani. Accounts for every point made above by me and by others who have commented also. Thank you for wasting my time in reading, approving and replying. Why didn’t you just cut to the chase and call me an anti-semitic or something?

Comment by underground

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