Caveat emptor or something like that. by underground

I bought a TV the other day. I had no idea what I was looking at when I bought it, I just wanted the cheapest one with a screen large enough to be seen from the beanbag positioned one and a half metres away. I’m pleased with the one I got, despite the poor reception we have to put up with and will continue to put up with until I get up on the roof to wiggle the aerial or pay to get the satellite operating as more than a roof ornament.

Dubbed the “4x4s of the living room” plasma screens have just been banned in Britain. Turns out they are “energy guzzlers”, and hardly the acquisition of a responsible world citizen. And with global warming an accepted reality for everyone that can comprehend that pollution must obviously have an adverse effect on our environment, banning the sale of these living room equivalents to a coal-power station makes sense, doesn’t it?

Apparently not.

“Our view is the information about appliances should be given to consumers and consumers should then make their choice,” said energy minister Gerry Brownlee.

“Consumers should be given as much information as they possibly can about the energy efficiency of appliances … but at the final point of purchase it’s the consumer’s decision.”

No one said nothing about energy consumption when I bought my tele. A government that took energy saving, climate change or environmentalism seriously would stress salesmen do this, if they are not going to ban those appliances that do have particularly negative environmental impacts. Just as health impacts must be marked on food, alcohol and tobacco products, perhaps consumers should be aware of the environmental impact of other items. So we’ll see what happens, but after the light bulbs and the biofuel reversals brought about by our new government, I almost expect National to endorse buying massive plasmas.

But what do I know? I bought an LCD TV.


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Turned out the TV was shit. Had to take it in to get repaired. Picture would come on, then off again almost immediately. Multiple turning off and on seemed to fix it, if only temporarily. Technology is dumb.

Comment by underground

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