The true meaning of Christmas by underground
December 28, 2008, 2:09 pm
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As an atheist, I am fortunate enough to get to see Christmas for what it truly is, or rather what it ought to be. It is not just a repackaged pagan festival, or an over commercialised advertiser’s dream. Christmas is more than lying to Children about Santa and Jesus, more than losing years of your life due to the stress of malls and more than satisfying the greed of spoilt Westerners. It has been said before and it is as simple as it sounds, but if Christmas is to have any redeeming qualities it is as a reason for people to get together, putting aside any animosity or rivalries, stresses or difficulties and enjoy a good meal. Maybe seeing each other for the first time in the year, some having perhaps traveled to get together and share their experiences of the year, Christmas is a good time to put your feet up and relax from another hard year of work or whatever.

To me, this is far more important and meaningful in today’s hectic and troubled world than turkey and carols. What I have described above is universal, unless you know no one. Most of the existing Christmas traditions are either outdated or counterintuitive. Christmas should either be de-Christmasised or another day should be set aside for unsullied getting together. Who the hell really likes Christmas carols anyway? Most are absolutely terrible songs, so why put ourselves through hearing them almost nonstop for over a month intensively each year? And must we stuff ourselves sick? The cost is considerable, the stress of preparation no doubt insurmountable and the waste unimaginable. When a modest meal would suffice, why suffer through a dry turkey? Let us share a good meal (don’t get rid of trifle just yet!), but is glutony mandatory? And yes, I appreciate all the incredible presents I got, but I hate to think what stressful episodes my family had striving through malls buying these things. I know I didn’t enjoy shopping!

I’m not really one for traditions that cannot be justified. Of course the magic of Christmas is great for the kids, we need not take that away, but perhaps Santa could stress the importance of time spent with good friends and family as opposed to stuffing down chocolate and demanding the flashest new gaming console.

I’m not even going to start on the religious aspect as I need not to, as fewer are celebrating their own brainwashing with every passing Christmas.

Christmas should be about family and friends. There is far more to be gained by valuing them than any outdated Christmas tradition.


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