Obama should not give Clinton the Secretary of State role by underground

During the democratic primaries there were two very different candidates on offer when it came to Barack Obama v Hilary Clinton. One area where this was certainly the case was on foreign affairs. Voters were given two opposing view points. In debates and TV commercials Clinton tried to play herself up as a tough hardliner, loathe to give an inch to America’s enemies and those the country has uneasy relationships with. In contrast Obama famously said he would talk to likes of Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Castro, favouring dialog and diplomacy as opposed to threats of violence and sanctions against innocent civilians. The proposed stance was slated by Clinton, the media and some voters, however many foreign affairs experts at the time said the policy was a promising move, particularly after Bush’s disaster years.

Part of Obama’s popularity was due to his policy on dialog, especially outside of America. Obama has been given the mandate by the electorate to explore this avenue. If it was good enough for Nixon to go to China, Obama should go to Tehran. The last America or the world needs is the continuation of Bush’s failed policies on foreign affairs.  Considering Clinton was at pains early this year to cast herself as a hardliner, she is not the kind of Secretary of State American needs to get back onside with the world and would only further inflate current problems with “rogue” states. Her vote for the invasion also shows her lack of judgment in this area. Barack, look elsewhere!


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It’s a fact of US elections that what candidates say to win office isn’t always what they do when they get it. I’d say there is a reasonable chance Clinton was playing to the crowd when she tried to be hardline on foreign affairs. She did the same thing when backing the authorisation military action in Iraq. She now claims Bush fooled her and everyone else…ignoring the fact not everyone was fooled and I don’t think she was either – or she’s not as bright as some give her credit for.

Comment by Truth Seeker

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