Not what New Zealand voted for, but what New Zealand wanted by underground

Considering National has had to adopt so many Labour policies, with National winning the election it is fair to say the only change most New Zealanders wanted was Helen Clark. Although I think the anti-Clark sentiment is completely unfair, the people have spoken, won over by a campaign devoid of substance and policy, rather built on empty rhetoric and sloganeering. With that in mind, it is safe to say, as most analysts have, that National have not a mandate to revert to the policies of the nineties. If the “hidden agenda” creeps into policy, they’ll be gone by lunchtime. The election was not a swing to the right for the electorate, as some have said. And Key appears to be aware of this, getting the Maori party onside has effectively weakened the bargaining strength of an Act party pushing round their weight and seek undue influence considering their small vote. To most people’s pleasure, they could find themselves undermined or cut out altogether. Winnie would be happy!

New Zealand has got what they wanted, a Labour Party without Clark. Although not in government, with Phil Goff at the helm, it is only a matter of time. Congratulations Goff, give ’em hell!

The next three years should very interesting!


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National may be making getting rid of MMP a op priority for their first term…and “good stuff” they really want would come after, when they are able to secure a system that reduces the value of, or renders worthless, the votes of people they don’t like. They need to neutralise the centre-left, who are the majority in New Zealand.

Geting rid of MMP is likely the only way forward that they can see.

Comment by Truthseekernz

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