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November 10, 2008, 8:35 am
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On waking up today I was greeted by the host of articles about our new, already beloved Leader. Stories of John Key’s desire to help “all” New Zealanders. A story of John Key’s fantastic sense of humour in the NZ Herald when he joked with his family that a puppy was not on the way, because that’s what Obama had promised his kids, but wait, maybe a puppy is on the way! The NZ Herald made light of John Key’s reputation for flip-flopping in this instance, and it really seems as though John Key might truly be Obamaesque change if you believe the Herald. The term “all New Zealanders” must be rather exclusive, because with a range of anti-union and anti-worker policies on John Key’s desk, it seems he is looking out for very different interests to Obama.

Personally, it disturbs me to think that a man like John Key can even draw on comparisons between himself and Obama, and that our beloved media are now even doing the work for him. It seems that if your a politician on the right of the spectrum you rarely have to lift a finger these days, as your profile will be taken care of by the media. Compare this to the misinformation spread about the section 59 repeal and its “perceived” law against smacking a child which the media perpetuated and it truly makes you wonder. The reality of the law being that only the legal argument of reasonable force was removed, but not what constitutes child abuse.

Thankfully in the face of the weakening media and the lack of background checks and research, we have a committed blogosphere where we can get a better handle on where things are actually going. Personally I look forward to be fired from my job after 89 days for no reason. At least it means I’ll get a range of work experience and will be doing my bit to get NZ back on track.



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Hey, there’s a silver lining! We will never get tired of a job again because after three months you get to find a new one. Hurray!

Steve Braunius wrote the best piece on Key I have read yet for the Sunday Star Times. Rips apart the Obama comparisons.

Comment by underground

New Zealand will have to turn its mind at some point to addressing the problem the daily newspaper media monopolies in each city and town present for democracy and public discourse. The New Zealand Herald has been a disgrace the past year at least. One example is always talking about the cost of the ETS while never or only very rarely even mentioning the consequences of doing nothing about climate change. Another example is the conversion of the long-overdue CFL lighting change into a campaign to save dimmer switches and chandeliers in Remuera and St. Helliers. The list is not short.

This bias can be expected to continue as the Herald promotes Naitonal’s policies despite any and all evidence to the contrary.

Comment by Truthseekernz

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