National win, Douglas is in, I’m looking for a silver lining! by underground

It never feels good when you lose. Every four years New Zealand grieves after yet another All Black World Cup early exit. However this hurts more. Because it actually matters! The only person who risks losing their job after an All Black loss is the coach, whereas more must be a little uncertain now. The environment is going to get shafted, as will workers rights and equality for minorities. But what can you do? The country has spoken, even if no one can really justify their vote for National. “Change” seemed to be all that people wanted, regardless what that might actually mean. Churchill was clearly right when he said the best argument against democracy is talking to the average voter for five minutes, but then he also said it is the best system we’ve got. Times like this it doesn’t feel like the case though. Gone is one of our most competent and experienced Prime Ministers, exchanged for a money trader with no prior interest in politics. Act has grown, taking with them New Zealand’s most hated politician ever into government. It’s going to be hard but I want to look at the silver lining.

The student protest movement has quietened down in recent years. In the early ’90s effigies of National MPs were made, but over burdened by university fees and assignments students just don’t have the time to protest. As a result students are now either apathetic or ill-informed. No doubt the incoming government will give students reason to get passionate again, for the betterment of democracy in this country.

The Bush administration has, to its credit, angered people enough to care about politics. As a result protest music has had a shot in the arm. Sure bubble gum songs are still written for radio, but political motivated songs have become more widespread. Although a lot of it is thoughtless bandwagoning (Green Day), bands that have previously been quiet on political issues have written some great passionate political songs in recent years. New Zealand music is doing well, but it could do with some real passion. The punk scene for one could certainly do with some political focus, and Key is bound to give some inspiration.

Um, that’s all I’ve got. I suppose one last silver lining could be that New Zealanders remember why they voted in Labour in the first place as the Right’s neocon policies once again prove to be detrimental to the majority of New Zealanders in 1990s.


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I hope that you found the silver lining on my blog — thanks for your comment. To save others going there, I point out that National won because they spent a couple of years trying to convince NZers that they won’t make big changes to the achievements of the last 9 years. The party won, but its ideology lost.

Given that they have performed in a very amateurish way over the past few years, I can’t see them being very competent with the reins of power. Just hope that they don’t fuck the country up before the next election rolls around.

Comment by jafapete

Nah, Muldoon is more hated than Douglas.

Besides, give him a chance, he may have changed for the better. Senility perhaps (but then, he is only a month older than Anderton).

Comment by Sam

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