Happy Election Day New Zealand! by underground

What a lovely sunny day to go out to a polling booth and express your rights democratically! What a joy! Casting my votes I felt privileged not only that I get to vote, a right not extended to all the peoples of this earth, but that we have MMP in this country so I at least get a party vote, as no doubt my candidate vote will be wasted, as I live in conservative Helensville!

If there is anyone out there who doesn’t know who to vote for, particularly if you live in Wigram, please cast your vote for Jim Anderton and the Progressives, who my little brother would vote for if he were old enough, unfortunately he turns 18 on the 13th of this month.

It is a shame that whilst my little bro, who is very interested and knowledgeable in politics, cannot vote, many who do not care or know remarkably little can vote. So to help them with casting their vote, I have constructed a diagram to inform them of what each party stands for. Rather than being based on specific policy, which people clearly ignore, I have placed each party on a continuum through time. So if you are unsure today, cast your vote for your favourite era!

political-time-continuumNow what you will see is that I have placed parties next to the era that I believe they most represent. Firstly we have the Christian parties who ideally would like us to revert back to simpler times, as these parties refer to the scripture as the ideal model for our society. I could have just as easily placed them in the dark ages, which perhaps would be just as apt, if not more so.

Next we have the Maori party, which although it is harsh to place them back at the signing of the Treaty, considering they have moved on since then, 1980 seems right for a party who often refer to the Treaty in debates which have absolutely nothing to do with the document. I recall a foreign affairs debate and a question on Iraq as a prime example of this.

Next we have the Socialists and Communists, who I have placed next to the Russian Revolution, as just like in the those times, those on the Left are as fractured and divided now as they were then.

I could have put Labour in the early 2000s, a time the party had some of its greatest moments, but under Michael J Savage the party really flourished. Clark and her supporters would gladly have the party continue on like the party of the ’30s and ’40s did, but perhaps only Savage himself could return the party to its glory days.

The fifties is the era for United Future and New Zealand First for different reasons: Peter Dunne keeps harping on about the god-damn family and Winnie because that is when his supporters were young. Good old conservative times, but still a welfare state, both these party leaders would happily go back.

With Roger Douglas on board Act is living firmly in the 1980’s. Deregulation is high on the agenda and any remnants of the welfare state are on the chopping block.

Despite a fresh face in Key, the National Party is full of those great politicians from the nineties who said one thing and did another, sold whatever was left of the state assets and continued the horrific policies of the eighties. Again Key is saying one thing, but get a secret microphone near any of his colleagues and they will surely say another.

Call me biased but as the only party focusing on the environment the Greens are the party looking to future. Going in to bat for those too young to defend themselves show this party is seeking the vote of the next generation.

Do you look forward to a time when all governments are gone and desperate people fend for themselves under the malevolent rule of corporations? The Libertarianz do! Look forward to less government… and more exploitation by unregulated business!


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