One day away from turning our back on all of this! by underground

Although the polls vary on who the next New Zealand government will in fact be, it appears as though the tide is turning on Labour and Helen Clark. Following the election in the US, voters are keen on some of that “change” action. Rather than an Obama-esque “change you can believe in”, it is more like “change for the sake of change”. And it isn’t going to be the sort of change most voters envisage. A National government will need the support of Act, so a change of government is a change in only one direction – Hard right. Remember Roger Douglas? Well he is who National will be buddying up to. Is that the change we need?

Besides, have the past nine years been that bad?The Labour government over three terms, with the assistance of the Alliance, Greens, Progressives, United Future and New Zealand First has achieved more positive, progressive changes than all the National governments in New Zealand history combined. We now have the lowest unemployment in the OECD. More apprenticeships. Reduction in overall crime (contrary to common belief). Working for families and tax cuts for everyone, not just the rich. Bought about Civil Unions, getting the church out of the bed room. Repealed section 59 from the Crimes Act (with help from the Nats) removing the clause that enables people to get away with beating their children. Signed Kyoto and passed ETS, promising a brighter future for our future generations. No more smoking in bars, which even smokers will agree was a breath of fresh air. Retained nuclear-free status and kept out of Bush’s Iraq invasion coalition (much to Key and Brash’s disgust). Even signed a ghastly free trade agreement with China! Win the rights to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup and begun improving the infrastructure needed for the event. KiwiSaver, KiwiBank and KiwiRail. Gold card giving discounts and benefits to seniors. And best of all, they gave me a reason to stay in the country with the interest free student loans!

Considering the economic crisis was bought about by a lack of government regulations and rampant capitalist greed, is an National/Act government the best solution? For once we should follow the Americans and turn our back on the neo-liberal dream/nightmare.


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