What does that have to do with the price of milk? by underground

The upcoming election is of course about the economy. That is to be expected. But how bad is the economy really? Are people struggling as much as we are led to believe? The National Party promises a “brighter future”, although only the most naive would believe this package is extended to the greater population. Key will, with the help of Act, take New Zealand back down the path of the eighties and nineties, seeing the rich get richer and the poor poorer. Labour have already improved the finances for most people over the last nine years, repairing the damage of the National party’s anti-worker, anti-family policies of the nineties. Examples of this can be seen in the improvement to employment figures, accessibility to education and the increase of the minimum wage and worker’s rights. Even despite all the economic doom and gloom people have seen more money in their back pocket over the last six months. So is Key being completely honest? Considering he doesn’t know the price of milk, I wouldn’t expect the rich-list National leader to be able to empathise with financial struggle of “middle New Zealand”. I wouldn’t trust him to run down to the dairy for some milk, let alone run the country.

I can’t help but wonder why Key has even entered politics. This is a man who admits to previously not being politically aware, even not voting in general elections when he was living abroad. Now, a few years later, he wants to be Prime Minister. Why the sudden interest, John? How can you go from not having an opinion on the Springbok tour and not bothering to vote during the nineties, to now wanting to run the country. My guess: National wanted a fresh face to detract from the old unpopular policies the party hope to bring into effect. Asset sales at the top of the list. We know the National Party has a history of being at the beck and call of lobbiests and special interest groups and it is fair to assume that rather than bring about the “brighter future” for all New Zealanders, National plan to govern to enact policy that is benefitial to its financial backers. I cannot believe that Key has the average New Zealander in mind. A Key led government will not govern for the majority.


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