A vote for the Libertarianz is a vote for insanity. by underground

In a great service to voters across the country, the Libertarianz have announced they will not be supporting any coalition that involves the Green Party. The Libertarianz cite the Green Party’s “addiction to bans”, declaring the party as the “most totalitarian party in parliament”, as the reason why the party will not cooperate with them post election. Considering the minute chance the Libertarianz will get into parliament, the Greens announcement that they will side with Labour and the Libertarianz strong dislike of Labour, one wonders why they would bother to make such an announcement. However when one looks at the Libertarianz’s list of things that the Greens oppose, one wonders how many the Libertarianz themselves oppose. Or do they believe that animal remains should be fed to farm animals, Japanese fishing boats  should be able to rape our seas, toy tobacco should be sold to under-18s, everyone or anyone should be allowed weapons of mass destruction and people should be able to burn plastics and treated timbers in their backyards?

Considering the content of the comical blog Not-PC, one should not be surprised to see such ridiculous announcements from the Libertarianz. And people call the Greens loopy!

Here is the full press release:

Scoop News http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO0810/S00349.htm

Libertarianz To Greens: No Coalition Deal



Libertarianz To Greens: No Coalition Deal

Libertarianz today confirmed that they will not consider going into coalition with the Green Party.

Libertarianz has evaluated Green Party policies against 12 freedom-based criteria and has found that the Green Party is the most totalitarian party in parliament.

The Libertarianz offers a visual summary of this evaluation of the Green Party with the video “Ban It”:

The Green Party is addicted to banning. A search on the Green Party website reveals they want to ban:

Grape imports, alcohol ads, political speech for one year in three, ferrets, TV ads for kids, ads on TVNZ, growth hormones, native wood chip exports, native logging, pig swill, xenotransplantion trials, smacking, GE, field trials for GE, chemical trespass, property rights from the Bill of Rights, quick-fire logging, logging, fishing for toothfish, commercial fishing over much of New Zealand, whaling, ‘toxic timber,’ set-netting, bottom trawling, feeding animal remains to farm animals, battery cages, CCA-treated timber in playgrounds, direct-to-consumer advertising of drugs, crisps and meat pies from tuck shops, “the screening of programmes which sensationalise violence or use violence,” “the routine feeding of antibiotics to healthy animals,” GE maize, commercial releases of genetically engineered crops, “nuclear shipments from New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone,” sow crates, the dry sow stall, “weapons of mass destruction,” the tooth fairy, nuclear powered vessels in our waters, beef imports from Britain to other European countries, “Japanese fishing boats from New Zealand waters,” “the importation of all timber and timber products not certified as sustainable,” “unsustainable” biofuels, open-cast mining, driven-shaft, gold mining, coal mining, mining, human cloning, sheep cloning, food irradiation, spray drift, all ships carrying nuclear weapons, wastes and fuel from the European Economic Zone, “backyard burning of rubbish such as plastics and treated timber,” fireworks, “smoking in all workplaces including bars, restaurants and offices,” “new uses of coal for energy,” existing uses of coal of energy, new thermal power stations, “factory farming,” dairy farming around Lake Taupo, dairy farming around Rotorua lakes, dairy farming in the Waikato river basin, “project-based approvals for the development of GE organisms,” “all further building of prisons,” free trade with China, junk food advertising to children, “the sale and long-term lease of New Zealand property to foreign investors,” “the sale of toy tobacco products to under 18s,” GM wheat, “environmentally destructive fishing methods,” “uranium shipments,” “the use of the antibiotic avoparcin in animal feed,” “imports of cars older than 7 years,” amalgam use in dentistry, the incineration of unsorted waste, unsorted waste, waste, “risky anti-depressants,” “import of tissue for sheep cloning,” ‘trade in hazardous wastes,” designer babies, plastic shopping bags, shopping bags, shopping, live sheep exports, and dihydrogen monoxide.

Until the Green Party seeks treatment for its addiction to bans, the Libertarianz Party will not consider it as a coalition partner.



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Nice press release. :-)

Comment by Peter Cresswell

Funny how you manage to pull the most irrational comments/arguements against out of your arse when it comes to attacking the Libz.

Comment by Esperanza

I’m sorry Esperanza, but far from “being out of my arse”, these “irrational arguments” were first used by the Libz against the Greens. Its funny how you neglect to see this. The Libz would be better off arguing against any Greens policy they disagree with rather than claiming the party is too “totalitarian” for opposing weapons of mass destruction or whatever else their press release states. Please, Esperanza, as someone who appears to support this hilarious party, where do you stand on each of the issues on the list?

I oppose rape, murder and theft, and don’t believe people should do these things, and I expect government to do what they can to ensure these things are not accepted, is this totalitarian of me too?

Comment by underground

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