Fourth and final TWN for 2008 by underground

I am so glad that’s over! As much fun and rewarding as making your own newspaper is, it takes a hell of a lot out of you. You can all to easily become dangerous obsessed with it, demanding perfection and becoming angered at any small mistake you find. You work like a slave from 8am till 12 some nights, and expect the same self-destructive dedication from your colleagues. Between fights you leave the building for timeout, or head down to the pub for some liquid relief. But when you make this, you know the sweat, tears and sleepless night were worth it.

Continuing on with the election focus, issue 26 covered everything from student allowances to vandalised billboards. Voters are informed of the major parties positions on imortant issues on the centre spread and we look at all the small parties and what they bring to democracy. Candidates profiled includes Northcote’s Jonathan Coleman, RAM’s Oliver Woods and Green’s dip maker Lisa Er, and we find out what makes media commentator and blogger Russell Brown tick. A ‘Guide to summer’ offers some respite from the elections as we find the best activities and events for summer lovers. In our opinion pages Adrian teaches us a lesson about GST and the economy for the last time, Amberleigh talks about music the way your father no doubt would, Finbarr struggles to list Bush’s achievements in office, and Su Ann looks at crime and Asians in New Zealand. And as a reward for his hard work and expertise, Te Waha Nui photo editor and saviour Wesley Monts has his best work displayed, a collection of photos he took in the wake of Katrina.

Special thanks to Allan Lee for his hard work and guidance in some often trialling times. Thanks also must go to Julie Starr and Graeme Reid whose assistance was vital for the success of this paper. To all my fellow TWN colleagues, thanks for the fun, see you in the media industry, or the dole queue!


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