Not quite Hollow Men and the Brethren, but it ain’t too different. by underground
October 30, 2008, 6:26 pm
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Nicky Hager has written a great article on Pundit on John Key and the National Party. Hardly anything we all didn’t already know and it is not going to slow the momentum of the National Party, but Hager has summed up why I don’t trust John Key and his mates, no matter how well oiled their spin machine is. The old faces are still there and so is the agenda. Throw Act and Roger Douglas into the mix and you get what you vote for.

National are going to have to do a lot more than install a fresh face and steal all Labour’s policies to prove they are anything other than the National Party of the nineties. Gaffes from the likes of Williamson, English and Smith confirm that there is an agenda, although it is not really so well hidden, more ignored.


No surprises for me from Pundit’s election quiz results by underground

I’ve just given Tim Watkin’s election quiz a go, to see who I should be voting for on November 8. Whilst I can see how the quiz could throw up some disturbing results for some people (perhaps those who vote on personality rather than policy), my own result is pretty much spot on. Whether I vote the way the poll says I cannot be sure, I am still a somewhat undecided voter (waiting for the appropriate bribe!), but the parties I am closest to are certainly those I will be choosing between.

Give it a go, you might be surprised!

Apparently I am 85 per cent aligned to the Greens, 84 per cent to the Progressives, and 74 per cent Labour. No surprises there. However of those that I probably would only vote for after being hit by a bus, I have a 66 per cent similarity of beliefs with United Future, 65 with New Zealand First, 44 per cent with National and 28 per cent with Act. To be honest I am surprised there is even that much we have in common.

Minor Parties Leaders’ Debate by underground

How much more interesting what last night’s minor parties leader debate than the Helen Clark v John Key bout the Labour leader won the other week? Some of the politicians really impressed and others were as predictably average as one would expect. Here I my thoughts on how the leaders performed, no doubt my opinions will differ from the media commentator consensus. Continue reading

A vote for the Libertarianz is a vote for insanity. by underground

In a great service to voters across the country, the Libertarianz have announced they will not be supporting any coalition that involves the Green Party. The Libertarianz cite the Green Party’s “addiction to bans”, declaring the party as the “most totalitarian party in parliament”, as the reason why the party will not cooperate with them post election. Considering the minute chance the Libertarianz will get into parliament, the Greens announcement that they will side with Labour and the Libertarianz strong dislike of Labour, one wonders why they would bother to make such an announcement. However when one looks at the Libertarianz’s list of things that the Greens oppose, one wonders how many the Libertarianz themselves oppose. Or do they believe that animal remains should be fed to farm animals, Japanese fishing boats  should be able to rape our seas, toy tobacco should be sold to under-18s, everyone or anyone should be allowed weapons of mass destruction and people should be able to burn plastics and treated timbers in their backyards?

Considering the content of the comical blog Not-PC, one should not be surprised to see such ridiculous announcements from the Libertarianz. And people call the Greens loopy!

Here is the full press release: Continue reading

Found: The greatest song ever written! by underground
October 19, 2008, 2:39 pm
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I believe music is a means of communication. A song should have a message, it should tell a story. The listener should feel something; anger, happiness, sorrow, humour, anything. A great song should make you think, either about the artist who wrote it, or what they were rtying to convey. The best songs should really get to you emotionally and/or intellectually, it should change your opinions, challenge your beliefs, or bring a tear to your eye.

Earlier this week I purchased the new album from Rise Against Appeal to Reason. I reviewed it for this blog and TWN. Track 10 is the greatest song ever written. Not only is ‘Hero of War’ beautifully sung and performed, it has the most powerful lyrics ever. Tim McIlrath’s voice is so genuine, you really believe he is the soldier in the song. If Rise Against wanted to top the charts, this track should be the next single released on this already successful album (open #3 on billboard 200) so the whole world can hear it. It really is that good in my mind. This is what music is really about, not faux-lesbians, gansta-rivalries or obnoxious mindless bass thumps. Amberleigh Jack, this is the song I will play my children.

Oh, and buy the album, it’s awesome! Continue reading

Fourth and final TWN for 2008 by underground

I am so glad that’s over! As much fun and rewarding as making your own newspaper is, it takes a hell of a lot out of you. You can all to easily become dangerous obsessed with it, demanding perfection and becoming angered at any small mistake you find. You work like a slave from 8am till 12 some nights, and expect the same self-destructive dedication from your colleagues. Between fights you leave the building for timeout, or head down to the pub for some liquid relief. But when you make this, you know the sweat, tears and sleepless night were worth it. Continue reading

Review: Rise Against – Appeal to Reason (and NZ/OZ tour info!) by underground

The anticipation of listening to one of your favourite band’s latest albums for the first time is a thrill I expect I share with most music lovers. Rise Against’s Appeal to Reason will do well to impress, following 2006’s exceptional Sufferer and the Witness. From the get-go, The Sufferer and the Witness caught the listener’s attention, with epic anthems demanding you sing along at the top of your lungs. In fact, this rings true of all their previous releases. On first listen of Appeal to Reason, however, there doesn’t seem to be that same attraction. The songs overall are very good; Rise Against is arguably one of the most consistently good punk bands around, rarely putting a foot wrong. However, Rise Against is truly great when they mix it up, and some of the tracks on Appeal to Reason are a bit formulaic and on first listen, there are only a few surprises.

After giving the album another listen, I start to feel I may have been a bit harsh on Appeal to Reason. The band has grown since Sufferer and the Witness and whilst the signature sound is clearly dominant, the band has matured in its song writing. There are still the sing-alongs that make this band so great live, but greater detail has gone into the song structure and to the guitar riffs, pulling in the listener with catchy hooks. Continue reading