Conservatives: Scared not stupid by underground
September 19, 2008, 6:53 pm
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I found this BBC story amusing. According to research published in Science, people who are inclined to support “right wing” causes and have conservative views are more “sensitive to fear or threat”, whereas those who perceived less danger in a series of images and sounds in the study were more inclined to support liberal policies. So next time someone from the right calls you a pussy for opposing war, harsh penalties for crime or torture, point out that they are more “sensitive to fear” and therefore pussies themselves! I suppose it just confirms what many of us have always believed.

University of Nebraska’s John Hibbing says the research explains our differing opinions and inability to rationalise with people from the other side of the political spectrum.

“I even have the hope that this might facilitate understanding a little bit. Instead of political opponents thinking the opposite party are being wilfully bull-headed, you can say ‘well ok, they see the world differently than I do’.

“People haven’t just thought about things differently, they feel things differently.”

I’m not about to start cutting evangelical Christians and hard core conservatives a break. Sure there are reasons they believe what they do, they just scared, and it is not their fault they’re crazy. But that is no reason to give them an inch and let them take away human rights and liberties just because they fear everyone who is different.


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