Another TWN hits the stands! by underground
September 7, 2008, 10:46 am
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Wake up at 6. Read the news online for about half an hour pour myself one of my trademark milky coffees, maybe even have breakfast. Hop in car, drive to park and ride, pray for park, stand on bus, try not to spill freshly purchased excrutiatingly hot coffee. Walk up Queen St, buy another coffee, get in lift, push button for level 15, hold back screams as lazy bastards get off at the first few floors. Release comment under breath, “Use the f**ken stairs you lazy sh*theads”. Make my way to production room, slump in seat, stare at screen. Place stories on page, concieve witty headlines, struggle to write average captions. Scream at story that needs cutting. Crop a few photos. Wait for politicians to call you back for that brilliant story you are trying writing. Resign yourself to the inevitable failure of your stalled story. Frustrated, go to pub. Return to tower refreshed. Back to work. Get incredibly stressed and take it out out on the wrong person. Eat something (expensive) at some point in the day. If lucky, leave uni before midnight. Repeat process from Monday to Thursday, culminating in a massive piss-up on Thursday night, too many beers, too much tequila. Feel dead to the world the following morning.

I assure you, it is all worthwhile when you see how awesome the paper is when it comes out on Friday!

Second issue of Te Waha Nui for the semester has hit the stands. I think we have definitely topped our last one. Quality of stories was a lot better and the paper looks a lot tighter. Again we owe a lot to those who took some great images. Lead story was on the depositions hearing for the “terror raids” accused, a story which was really written to accompany some brilliant photos. Turned out to be a good story in its own right in the end. The centre spread on political polls looks fantastic. Again students have pitched in with brilliant opinion pieces and feature articles. One of the highlights in the paper for me is the sports stories, especially Natasha Burling’s back page profile (which isn’t yet online) on Olympian George Bridgewater, who makes a remarkable admission. Again I encourage people to check out our paper on the stands at AUT, in coffee shops and libraries around town, or online, as it I believe the hard work we have all put in is reflected in the quality of the finished product. Cheers!


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