A New Zealand parliament without Winnie? by underground

A recent poll has shown Winston Peters’ political days to be numbered, with Tauranga voters preferring National’s young candidate Simon Bridges. As New Zealand First is languishing beneath five per cent threshold, the media once again contemplates a parliament without Winnie. Many in the media would be pleased to see him go, as no doubt would many voters. He is never far from controversy and the latest concerns over donations may perhaps be the final straw for the electorate. Could he really be gone in a few month’s time?


Considering the age of most of his supporters, Winston’s success at the polls could never last too much longer. Coupled with the scandals and his history of manipulating MMP (tail wagging dog), he is likely one of the most disliked politicians of recent years and one most will be pleased to see the back of.

Gone will be his wit, as well as his bullshit. No more evading journalists, no more racist politics and dog whistling. Like old milk in the sun, Winnie is past his use-by-date. And with him we can farewell his friends Peter Brown and Ron Marks as well, which is icing on the cake.

I’m not quite writing his political obituary (that should be fun!) and I’m not quite writing him off, but there will be no tears here when the man finally retires. My money is on his demise this election.


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What is wrong with Winnie? He can rebut anything that is thrown at him and is probably the most entertaining fellow in the house. Sure he is a populist demagogue who thrives on fear mongering, but also curtails the ambitions of the extremes of the other parties by forming the necessary link needed in to form a coalition. Is NZ 1st were not in such a position what would the situation be if votes were transferred? Purely National government?, National and Act?. And would Labour be able to govern alone (I doubt) or with the Greens (insufficient numbers). I suspect that many NZ 1st voters (the centrist ones) would revert back to voting National.

In this past term, has Winstone actually put his foot seriously wrong? – His policy has been deferred to the foreign affairs role and has basically limited say in Labour decisions that affect NZ proper.

Comment by JL

You are right about his humour, he certainly makes politics more interesting. And he does mediate between the extremes to some degree. You are also correct that he has effectively neutralised (or neutered!) in his position as FM. But his politics are largely negative.
I don’t see him being around much longer. But I could very easily be wrong!

Comment by underground

I have heard that oh so many times before. Wasn’t he supposed to be ‘dog tucker’ in the early 90’s?

Comment by Don

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