An open letter to National voters by underground

I’m under the impression that most of the support National is getting in the polls is a backlash against the government and people are keen to punish Helen Clark and the Labour party. For why else would anyone support National?

I’ve blogged it once and I’ll blog it again, without knowing the details to National’s policies, how can anyone make an informed decision on who to support? Tumeke has kept an eye on National’s policy releases (or lack of), and it makes for interesting reading. Many of the policies that National have not yet released are issues of concern for voters and areas where National have been making the most noise. It does strike me as bizarre that voters are turned on by what the perceive to be National’s position, yet they do not actually know. National may claim to have bigger tax cuts in store for voters than Labour, but until the actual details are released, voters are naive to get carried away with what is essentially all talk. National has not said how they will pay for the cuts and although they have ruled out borrowing the pay for them, news that investments in infrastructure will be paid for through borrowing is hardly different to borrowing for the cuts. It comes down to whether voters trust National’s leaders gambles, which makes it all the more surprising Key has converted voters without clearly outlining what he has to offer. It seems the only policy we do receive are one page releases scant on detail, or confirmation that they won’t scrap Labour’s existing policies, despite having previously rallied against them.

Whether slips of the tongue, or (as I’m inclined to believe) deliberate changes in tact, leader John Key has been caught out having different messages for different audiences. Earlier this year he told business leaders he would lower wages, despite publicly declaring wages would rise under National. When asked about his religious beliefs, he has declared himself Christian, atheist and even stressed his Jewish connections. I can not help but wonder whether he often has one message for one sector of society and another for other voters. John Key has not held a press conference in a year, probably because he came across unsure of his own policies. For this reason, Key is very likely to be shown up in any debates with Clark.

At the end of the day, how can you support a party whose policy you do not know? How can support a party with shadowy backers, whose desires probably do not coincide with your own?

I ask because I am genuinely interested in knowing why people are so eagerly filing in behind this party, a party, we know so little about.


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Well the Nats are promising (for their first term provided they get in- heaven forbid) to leave everything as under the Labour government, with additional tax cuts and more infrastructure plans (up to $4billion ~500m more than Labour) and plan to balance the budget through borrowing from abroad. The last time a National government undertook such measures was under Muldoon (Think Big’, to possibly stave off a recession in the late 70’s/early 80’s) and look what that lead to. The country is not in that bad economic shape to warrant such measures with the recent downturn in the economy due to external pressures that the government has no control over. (We can always lower interest rates and use other macroeconomic tools without borrowing).

National’s promise for tax cuts is about their only policy thus far we are certain of. The National party election campaign is based on a populist platform with the appeal to personal greed at its core. Today English expressed the intention to sell off Kiwibank (secretly), and acknowledged the unpopularity of such a measure (Dominion post 4/8/08).

I ask, What is the hidden agenda of the National party?

Comment by JL

“I ask, What is the hidden agenda of the National party?”

I think we know that now!

Comment by underground

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