A sign from God? by underground

Currently the number one read story on the BBC News website as I type, is a story about pieces of meat that have the name of Allah spelt out in Arabic in the gristle. Nigerians have flocked to a restaurant in Bernin Kebbi to see the pieces of beef with the alleged inscription. The owner of the restaurant who found the pieces says, “When the writings were discovered there were some Islamic scholars who come and eat here and they all commented that it was a sign to show that Islam is the only true religion for mankind”. I sure hope not.

Not speaking Arabic I have no opinion on whether it truly has a likeness to the Muslim creators name, although I will happily say that if that is considered solid evidence of God’s existence, I am not at all shaken in my belief that no such God exists. Reconcile Islam with modern science and then I’ll consider your piece of meat. Until then, justify to me, without referring to an ancient unprovable book, the awful and immoral human rights abuses that are committed in many Muslim countries. Consider the well documented oppression of women in many Muslim societies, including Nigeria, and some women would probably love to be treated as a pieces of meat. Are women really less important than men, and less sovereign? Are they less capable? Can they really not be trusted at all? Without appealing to the Koran, can a proponent of Islam justify female genital manipulation, stonings, the burkha, and the general impingements placed on women in Islamic societies? Or is the religion as horrible as it is often depicted?


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If there is sucker born every minute, Nigeria must be lowering the global average frequency.

Comment by Truthseeker

Well, with so many misconceptions about Islam flying around, it’s no surprise people don’t even bother to use their independent faculty of reasoning before jumping to conclusions.

Comment by F

I would contend that not all Muslims are as fundamental as you suggest in your comments. Those deprived of a secular education, surrounded by a fundatmentalist political and social enviroment and generally ignorant would be lead to believe in the existence of Allah by such fascitious occurences. Mediaeval christian europe was similar – think of the inquisition etc. The degree of female genital mutilation is not consitent throughout the islamic world (different techniques). The worst form being inflicted upon women in “backward” regions – southern Sudan (Nuba moutain region) being one. Concering whether islam is “as horrible as depicted”, is open to debate since a continuum exists between the abnormal staunchly secular Turkey(for an Islamic country) and the Sudan. Another schism within Islam is that between the more secular Sunni and the Shiite denominations. The latter being characterised by more intolerant regimes in the religious sphere. Many of those more fundamentalist Islamic countries/ethnies/groups appear to have only arised in response to Western agression etc, so to say that the religion is solely responsible is false, as these would not have come to the fore (to such an extreme extent) had Islam developed without such beliigerent actions by occidental states.
Have you thought about the role of the muslim brotherhood (I may be wrong) in furthering a type of secular pan-Islamic world religion.

Comment by JL

I acknowledge that not all Muslims are fundamentalist, just as not all Christians and Jews take their holy books as the absolute literal truth. But within those books there are passages preceded by statements declaring the following as the absolute literal truth, verses that declare homosexuality to be an abomination, women to be inferior, children to be stoned if naughty, shellfish to never be eaten, non-believers to be killed, believers in the faith to leave their families to follow their saviour. Included there are Christian and Muslim examples. I invite readers to check out the skeptics annotated bible for more examples from Christianity, Islam and Judaism, with references to verses.
Authors Ayaan Hirsh Ali and Ibn Warraq reflect the tyranny of Allah and Koran in their writings. Hirsh wore the Hijab and prayed five times a day out of fear of Hell. The same reason is given to explain the faith of even the most liberal Muslim or Christian, however their holy books demand the most strict adherence to rituals, many archaic. It comes down largely to interpretation. My question would be, considering the holy books demand such adherence to ritual and proclaim literal truth, how can the non-fundamentalists claim to be truly followers of their faiths?
How can you have a secular pan-Islamic world religion? Surely would it not cease to be secular?

Comment by underground

If those bits of meat are a communication from God, what does it say about this all powerful being? Communicating via steak and toast doesn’t really seem behaviour becoming a deity. Ronald McDonald perhaps but not a creator of the universe.

Comment by Richard

peace be to all that sincerely seek the truth.signs such as the piece of meat found in Nigeria are numerous. Infact,countless incidents have been reported(kindly refer to islamcan.com for examples)around the globe.The Qur’an, a thousand years before the invention of the microscope, describes man as evolving from a leech-like creation(96:2);every living thing evolving from water(21:30); explains the big bang theory which is proof of the existence of some force that caused(created) the bang, the mere thought of which was irritating to Einstein.(21:30);maintains that there is only one God/Master of the universe-otherwise there would have been chaos in the heavens and earth(21:22) ;the rising of the tides of the oceans(81:6);man’s exploits into outerspace(55:33);allows man to enjoy the benefits of the heavens and the earth ws they have been created for man by Allah(45:13). If man misunderstands his position, if he assumes his vicegerency to mean absolute power inspite of his frail nature then he has certainly lost the way.But the humanist suffers from other sicknesses. Belief in greek mythology, superstitions about wood, fire worship, such as the olympic torch and lighting of candles, and the despising of religion, the height of which is self destruction by same sex marriages and the demolition of the family system. I think that very soon the humanists in many countries of the western hemisphere will be wiped out because of this blindness. I would urge the antagonists of Islam to read more about it and find out what it really says about women,religion, rights,dignity and life.Finally, humanism teaches arrogance and belief in man’s superiority over God inspite of man’s established weaknesses.He refuses to accept the Hereafter even though he sleeps,dreams,and awakes, his cells die and are replaced(look at your hair, your nails, your sweat and other waste!)Islam is to see and listen to this absolute truth and surrender to it by humbling ones self to the absolute Creator, the Lord of the universe and its expander(51:47).

Comment by mohammed

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