Invasion: Time to send in the troops? by underground

Death of a nation – Part Five: Invasion: Time to send in the troops?

Is it time to resort to military action? If it is apparent that diplomacy is doomed to fail and lives are being lost through politically and racially motivated attacks, how long can the international community insist dialogue while people are dying? Does it become morally necessary to overthrow the regime through force?

The case has been made by some. Citing humanitarian reasons, the head of Zimbabwe’s one million Catholics Pius Ncube said in 2007:

I think it is justified for Britain to raid Zimbabwe and remove Mugabe.

We should do it ourselves but there’s too much fear. I’m ready to lead the people, guns blazing, but the people are not ready”.

The UK’s Liberal Democrat’s leader Nick Clegg has also said the international community has “ample justification to step in”, but that practical considerations made it impossible.

Mugabe has certainly used the threat of an invasion to boost his domestic popularity, for example accusing the US of planning an invasion in 2002 and claiming the country was ready for a UK invasion in 2007.

Prior to the Presidential runoff, and before Tsvangirai withdrew, Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga urged for UN peacekeeping forces to be deployed, to ensure violence subsides and free and fair elections could be held.

“My view is that the time has come for the international community to act on Zimbabwe in a way they acted in Bosnia,” he said. As of yet no such force has been deployed.

There is even speculation that Botswana may be mobilising its forces on the border with Zimbabwe, if Southern African attempts at diplomacy fail. However analysts think the country may not have adequate resources to act alone and would at least need South Africa’s assistance.

Any invasion into Zimbabwe, which as it stands is remote, would need to have broad international support, especially from around the African continent. It could also do with support from those within Zimbabwe who oppose Mugabe.

Conflict should always be the last option and all other methods must be exhausted before an invasion is even considered. I hope it does not come to this, but an invasion with African Union and UN support would be preferable to a civil war or any further escalation of political killings. Although I am loath to support any conflict occurring, for me to find any invasion palatable I must accept the motives. The aim to overthrow a malevolent regime must be supported by civilians of that country, and must be primarily for the benefit of the country, not those who invade. The Americans and their “coalition of the willing” invaded Iraq with the belief that Saddam had “weapons of mass destruction, links to al Qaeda and links to 9/11, all of which were found to be false. Only later did they claim humanitarian reasons for the invasion. Critics have always maintained the invasion was part of the Project for a New American Century, with resources (oil) and the strategic position of Iraq as the reasons for the war, accusations that have gained weight over time.

The most important thing to ensure, whether Mugabe is removed democratically, through diplomacy or through force, is that the regime who replaces him is a government for the people, not a western puppet regime. If it is not seen by Zimbabweans as a legitimate government, it risks being overthrown or there being a radical backlash. This has been seen time and time again, across the globe. The international community also cannot just leave the country to rot once he is deposed, the country is going to need assistance to rebuild its economy and infrastructure, after years of despotic rule.

The longer the situation remains as it is, or if it gets worse, the stronger the case for UN forces to be deployed will be.

Part Six: Alternative: Who is Morgan Tsvangirai


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[…] Part Five: Invasion: Time to send in the troops? […]

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so sad how normal people have to put up with heads of government that suck! Only wish the world would “give peace a chance”, and give people
a decent wage, a meal, healthcare, a home, and no worries about genocide and nukes and wars.

Comment by A.j.

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