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July 9, 2008, 10:30 pm
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The very public fall from grace for radio and television personality Tony Veitch has received nationwide media attention. Speculation has run rampant as to what actually occurred two years ago with Veitch accused of physically abusing his ex girlfriend after an argument. Tonight’s current affairs shows (1 and 3) at 7 broadcast Veitch’s apologetic press conference statements, in which he admitted to beating his ex and then paying her off.

Despite his disgusting actions, I really did respect the way he has dealt with this incident. Hitting controversy head on always averts further controversy, and admitting guilt shows some guts. While he did not seek to excuse or justify his actions, Veitch spoke of how he was stressed working seven days a week, was on medication and sought counseling after the event. In our society many people live hectic lives and perhaps awareness of the dangers this can led to mentally, deserve further attention. Having a public figure acknowledge that he sought counseling perhaps helps to put this issue to the fore.

Ethical Martini questions whether it really is the public’s interest to haul up a something involving a minor celebrity that occurred two years ago. Martin is right that Veitch is a victim of his own success, as a bricklayer would not receive such attention. Celebrity as a news value does not really impress me! The one part of the story that remotely interested me was the huge amount of money ($100,000?) paid by Veitch to keep his ex-wife quiet. Whether the incident was worthy or not of national awareness, Veitch should not be able to get away with beating up a woman, and then paying for her silence. With the problem this country has with domestic violence, no incident should be condoned or go without consequences. He has been publicly shamed, and risks losing good jobs with TVNZ and Radio Sport. Veitch is clearly very sorry now.

Whilst perhaps not a role model, Veitch is a high profile personality whose example can used to teach others how to deal with aggression and stress. Hopefully we will see him fronting a television campaign to help stop domestic violence.

On a side thing, what the hell is with Facebook petitions? Do they ever work? Do people really think “boycott Tony Veitch” will mean anything to anyone? The stupidest one I have seen hopes to bring down the price of petrol! Good luck!


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