Forget Electoral Financing, make these changes! by underground

All too easily election year is consumed by petty political point scoring. Labour is struggling in the polls, and engaging in a pathetic attempt at undermining National’s leader John Key. Meanwhile Key is not completely transparent, hiding secretive backers and the party’s policy. The smaller parties appear to be almost completely sidelined and are struggling to get their profiles up. It is all looking quite desperate really. So here is my five point plan, to a better New Zealand political scene. There may be flaws in my ideas, if so, feel free to tell me.

1) At the start of each election year, government must set the date for the election. No more surprise elections or calculated delays. Each party can be prepared well in advance, and the public can look at each parties policies in depth. Why should government have an advantage here?

2) Declare everything. Funders, policy advisers, supporters, lobbyists, and public relations manipulators. No more hollow men, no more hiding dodgy connections. Time for honest, transparent politics.

3) When the government presents the budget, every other party must present a shadow budget. They will of course need to know exactly what is in the country’s coffers. This removes a party’s ability to slam the budget without presenting clear and detailed alternatives. With all parties’ cards on the table, the public will be able to engage in informed intelligent debate (for once). No more “our tax cut will be bigger than yours”, without demonstrating exactly what your intended policy is and at what cost it will come.

4) Minority parties must declare who they will side with before the election. Choices are: Labour, National, the party who receives the most votes, or opposition. Voters who are inclined towards a smaller party deserve to know what their vote will effectively mean come negotiation time.

5) Ditch the five per cent threshold. Potentially 4.9 per cent of the population could be unrepresented, and less voters could be represented by an electorate seat holder who obtains far less votes. Let’s make representation a realistic aim for many of the interesting very small parties out there (see side bar of blog). Why shouldn’t we invite some alternative voices into the debate? They can’t be any crazier than some of the established parties!

So there it is, my five step plan for a better democracy. Piece of piss really!


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John Keys is a leader looking to copy Labours policies. Yes, i am a Labour supporter only because of past history.
There has been no real policy released by National. People should be demanding some direction that National has planned if elected into power.

Comment by AClark

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