My truth is more true than your truth! by underground

Blog surfing can be an enlightening past time, not so much for what you can learn about the world, but about the people in the world. I do believe that for some things there are objective truths, things that either occurred or did not, things that exist or do not. The world is flat, or it isn’t, the bible is true, or it isn’t, evolution occurred or it did not. Unfortunately, for many of these truths, the answer has either not been discovered, or the answers are not accepted by all. So in the blogosphere debates fly around with two or more sides with contrary views, with no likely resolution or agreement. The cause of these differences are the different preconceptions we each enter the debate with, which are based on “facts” differing from their opponents. We each choose to believe the “truths” that reinforce our worldview, so where I might easily accept scientific findings, another may find them caustic. No amount of statistically citations, historical references or reasoned arguments will persuade the other side, who hold beliefs based on completely different stats, historical facts and arguments (or just blind faith!). Someone is misinformed, someone is probably wrong. But you never convince them otherwise, because their opinions are the product of years of experiences that differ from our own. And they will point to their “truths”, credible or not, and feel assured that they are right. As Russell once said, man is not after knowledge, but security (Quote is not verbatim. I read it in a book a while back, although I am questioning the books credibility because I cannot find the quote online!). So we are “destined” to disagree, and continue to always disagree, but the “truth” will never please everyone

So what good are these internet debates we have?

I’ve always thought debates are healthy and should not be shied away from. The way I see it, you can only come out better off. For if they say something profound that runs contrary to your own opinion, you may dismiss you old flawed belief in favour of the new rational one bought to your attention. Or if the person you debate with cannot counter your points and makes no rational and reasoned points themselves, your opinion is strengthened. Either way you should come out a better person, with more security in your beliefs.

However, if those you confront online have unfounded assertions, what can you gain from discussion with them? No comment will convince them, and everything they say to you will be worthless. Without some commonalities, or some acknowledgement of the others point, you are unlikely to get anywhere. People will stubbornly hold onto their beliefs, based on sound argument and credible fact or not.

I love a good respectful conversation with people of other opinions. It is not about changing their opinions, it is about challenging your own. Find opinions that differ from your own, and put for your best argument against it. Unfortunately this either denigrates into insults or you find yourself confronted with twisted science/history/language perverted to justify their outlandish claims that is impossible to counter. You can only walk away, because they will believe the “truths” that support their worldviews, and of course, humbly, you will believe the truth.

And they will only delete your comments anyway!


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