Political Parties of New Zealand by underground

I’ve added political parties’ websites to the side of this blog. This is to make it easier for readers to refer to the political parties’ websites I have just skewered, to get their side of the debate. As much as I despise many of the ideas some of these parties have (in fact I find only a handful at all savoury), I believe it is important in a democracy to have their voice heard. And it is important for us all to listen, no matter how pathetic their reasoning is. And it is also important for us to critique their policies, pointing out weaknesses and strengths. It is also important we debate the issues with those we disagree with, keeping discussion as civil as possible. That is the beauty of the blogosphere I suppose.

I encourage everyone to have a look at all the websites. It is fascinating to look at the ideas of parties that you did not know existed. Obviously someone believes in the ideas, otherwise there would be no party! Some parties haven’t yet got websites, so will be put up when available. I could not find ones for New World Order Party, which sounds interesting, and Taito Field’s Pacific Party.

Is it worth noting that when I had thought I had finished putting down all the parties, even some of the most obscure, I realised I had forgotten United Future! Is Peter Dunne’s Party doomed to be forgotten come election time? Time will tell.

Here’s a list of all the parties currently registered for the 2008 election.

ACT New Zealand

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Direct Democracy Party

Jim Anderton’s Progressive


Māori Party

New World Order

New Zealand First Party

New Zealand Labour Party

New Zealand Pacific Party

The Alliance

The Family Party

The Greens, The Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand

The Kiwi Party

The New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit

The New Zealand National Party

The Republic of New Zealand Party



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