Sexpelled: No intercourse allowed by underground

When something is as ridiculous as Expelled, it deserves only ridicule. The absurd claims that film makes can be countered with rational and reasoned arguments till the cows come home, but if people are going to opt for faith over facts, there is no reasoning to be made. Having dealt with ID proponents sufficiently in The God Delusion, and other essays and interviews, and considering the ID peoples complete inability to engage in the debate, Richard Dawkins knows how futile it is to take them on with science. Turning his hand to satire, Dawkins shows in this brief clip how the ID position can be adopted by other creation myths, illustrating how the scientific community has completely shut out the theory that babies are not created through sexual intercourse, but are delivered by a stalk.

Here is the great synopsis that was included with the clip on the Richard Dawkins website:

Anticipating success with their feature film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Producers Mark Mathis, Logan Craft and Walt Ruloff have already leaked a teaser trailer for the film’s sequel. Their “teach the controversy” slogan seemed to work well in getting the general public to believe that Intelligent Design is a viable alternative scientific theory to Evolution, so the team has moved on to promoting other theories that they feel are being suppressed by the scientific community. Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed tells of how Sex Theory has thrived unchallenged in the ivory towers of academia, as the explanation for how new babies are created. Proponents of Stork Theory claim that “Big Sex” has been suppressing their claim that babies are delivered by storks. Furthermore, Stork Theory proponents warn of the serious moral dangers posed by teaching children that sex has a function. They point out that evil dictators such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao all believed in Sex Theory, and they may have even had sex themselves.

There is also a late-breaking new development in the controversy, a new theory called Avian Transportation Theory.
Unlike the original Stork Theory, the modern, sophisticated “Avian Transportation Theory” (ATT) merely points out that there are gaps in the orthodox Sex Theory, and that current sonogram imaging is unreliable. Moreover ATT does not specify that babies are necessarily brought by storks but by “large birdsunspecified” (although many individual ATT theorists PRIVATELY believe it is a stork).


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