George Orwell quotes by underground

Having had many respectful discussions with all sorts of people about religion and politics, I feel as though George Orwell was right when he said:

As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents”.

The same of course could be said for any other political opinion or religious faith.

And in order to be balanced:

He was an embittered atheist, the sort of atheist who does not so much disbelieve in God as personally dislike Him”.

I must admit though, I have not ever met one of the atheists Orwell describes, as this person would not even be an atheist! I would have expected someone with the interest in language that Orwell had to have understood the definition of atheism. Perhaps he would appreciate even a fan such as myself challenging him on an error such as that!


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While I don’t know any atheists like that myself, I’ve heard philosophers like Nietzsche described as being mad at god for not existing. Like, “how dare you not exist and leave me here all alone?!?” This of course isn’t the foundation for my atheism.

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