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A plane crashes at Whenuapai Airbase, two die. Stuff.co.nz run a brief story. Is it just me or is the advert below the story a little insenstive to the victims. Perhaps not as insensitive as the web media’s requests for “bad weather” footage after the Elim school tragedy, but it is another example of poor taste in internet reporting. This time the fault appears to be google’s fault, who I assume provide adverts considered relevant to the story.

Two die in light plane crash at Whenuapai

Sunday Star Times | Saturday, 26 April 2008

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Two people are dead after a Cessna crashed between a hanger and an administration block at Whenuapai air base, west of Auckland.

Ambulance were called at 4.35pm but the pair appeared to have died on impact.

Eyewitness Phil O’Kell said the white plane was in the air when it appeared to stall. It dropped and hit a building at the RNZAF base.

Eight fire trucks attended the scene, although there were no immediate reports of fire.

Royal New Zealand Air Force Squadron Leader Glenn Davis said the plane with two occupants went down between an air force administration block and 40 Squadron hanger, which were about 50 metres apart.

He said it was a civilian plane from Whenuapai Aero Club.

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Ads by Google

Fear Of Flying
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I’m not too sure how the other two are connected to the story, unless obese people are a risk on flights or pilots would be considering a change in a career, but the fear of flying advert appears to have been placed on this story due to its relevance. Which got me thinking, did a similar advert follow September 11 news stories? Did the Boxing Day Tsunami have learn to swim adverts? Have any other unfortunate or even insensitive google ads been tagged onto the end of stories? Surely it must happen all the time. Something to look out for in the future.


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