Irrational Design by underground

Apparently there is some film entitled “expelled” that seeks to illustrate how the scientific community are keeping the Intelligent Design movement from debating evolution on public. I have not seen the film, do not really wish to, as it can only be the type of damage control publicity stunt we have come to expect from ID proponents. ID has been dismissed by far more qualified people then myself, but clearly these people are not listening. It really is quite simple, there’s not much to not understand. So let me kindly give the ID fans the answer as to why no one takes them seriously.

Why is Intelligent Design not being taken seriously in the scientific community? Because it is ultimately anti-science. If ID proponents had their way, every time science fails to explain any observation, god would be used as a gap filler. Imagine if such a technique was employed throughout history, what scientific advancements would we be without? It is only because scientists have not taken god for an answer that we have science at all. It is also arrogant to say that just because our current scientific knowledge cannot explain something we will never be able to use science to understand it. We are not at the pinnacle of discovery, we have not plateaued; we have much more to learn. True scientists actually like the gaps in knowledge, because filling them is their job. Discovering new stuff is their goal. Overall it is a lazy option for those too brainwashed by dogma to think of alternatives.

To give ID the same weight as evolution is naive and arrogant. Evolution can be used to explain phenomenon and make predictions. It is the backbone of biology. ID is pseudo-science and perverted theology. The most fantastic thing, for me, about evolution is that it can explain so much about humanity, what we are, why we are moral, why we the way we each are, in a way that no other world view, I have confronted, is capable of doing.

By all means believe in ID or creationism, but don’t distort the debate or undermine science. Science is humanity’s greatest endeavour and what, in the very end, separates as from the apes.



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