“I read it in a blog” by underground
April 13, 2008, 11:49 am
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Debate is raging within journalism as to the effect the internet will have over the future of conventional sources of media. The internet has of course been around for a long while now, and newspapers and television do not appear to be drawing their last breath. But the technology keeps improving; the internet is faster for most of us and we can watch exclusive video footage taken on mobile phones from the heart of a breaking news story. Anyone can now report on news, becoming so called ‘citizen journalists’. Stories can be posted on youtube, I-report, or on your very own blog. But how much credibility do these posters have?

Citizen journalists are not accountable. They do not have to abide by the ethical codes and laws that professional journalists have to. So can people trust citizen journalism?

Some say that blog posts are also an example of this citizen journalism. As a newbie to blogs, I am fascinated by what other bloggers post. Many like to have a rant, that’s certainly where I fit in! But some really do think that they are objectively presenting news that has been suppressed by liberal/conservative mainstream media. The internet really is a haven for conspiracy nutjobs. I’ve read many posts by bloggers who cite other blogs as if they were credible sources! Bloggers have no accountability, I could write anything and swear it were the gospel.

Blogs are great places for discussion. Great places to discover new ideas, some you will vehemently disagree with, others you may adopt. Blogs are places to have your beliefs challenged or affirmed. There are some great commentaries and debates, everyone has a voice.

Blogs are not places to find out news, blogs are places for views. But that’s just my opinion.


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