A short rant on Celebrity by underground
April 12, 2008, 12:05 pm
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Originally a comment on a message board, I think this short piece sums up my disdain for celebrity culture.

On Celebrity

I think there are several parties to blame for this crap swamping our news.

Firstly the audience. If no one cared, there would be no story. But people are voyeuristic, insecure and impressionable. They want to feel better about themselves by seeing famous people suffer. However they would not feel crap about themselves if they didn’t idolise these talentless morons to begin with.

Secondly, you have to blame the celebrities. They crave the fame when they’re up, and they shun the fame when they’re down. They are all effectively whores who must sell themselves in order to further their careers. Why can’t talent sell an album, movie, etc, rather than exposure? Brittany, get a real job.

Finally, the media is also culpable. Ideally they should report the news, of which I hardly see celebrity included. But I think these stories are too easy for them. No background required, no real investigative work, just some stalker with a camera. And unfortunately as corporate enterprises, the media need to make money. Audiences wants smut, advertisers want an audience and media want advertisers. So media want smut.

Of course Brittany is sick, but arguably all involved are. What will be the panacea?

See you in the tower,



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