Is this racist? Or is it a joke? by underground
April 5, 2008, 2:55 pm
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“About 414,000 people (ten percent of New Zealand’s 2-legged population) watched four hours of live coverage of Edmund Hillary’s state (!) funeral on a NZ TV channel, while another 55,500 watched a two-and-a-half hour long coverage on another channel, according to a report. [Edmund Hillary was one of the first people to glorify the littering of Mount Everest, the first steps in destroying one of Earth’s remotest ecosystem, and be praised for it.]”

Whilst surfing through various blogs, clicking on tags and seeing what comes my way I ended up here.

Although I do not know whether giving any publicity to this moron’s site is preferable, I am interested in knowing others think of it, particularly other New Zealanders. Is it a joke? I really cannot imagine anyone really holding such a hatred towards this country, why would anyone hate this country at all?

Without seeming to be joining the queue of people bagging the Americans, I know how ridiculous they can look when they are dumbstruck that anyone thinks ill of them and wonder why their country was attacked on Sept 11, but I am unaware of any reason anyone would dislike New Zealand that much.

So I wrote a reply to the post on the site, asking if it was a joke or whether they were insane. Unfortunately my comment was blocked by the moderator as ‘unintelligent’.

I’d love to know what others think, is this a piss-take blog, or is it someones legitimate hatred of this country. I’d find it weird if it were about another country (perhaps there are hate-blogs for other countries) and I’d love to know why someone could be compelled to create such a vicious pack of lies about any countries. It hasn’t got me angry, i just don’t know what to think! Weird.

My theories: Either an Australian, nut-job anti-everything ‘journalist’ Ian Wishart, Japanese Whaling lobby, Mossad, or maybe just someone the government barred from immigrating over here. What do you think?


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Mmm, after viewing the nutter’s latest post, I guess they could perhaps be American.

I love how they say “not every US citizen supports Bush, war or militarism”, but yet they sweep up every New Zealander and claim they hate Americans. (Like the rest of the world, we only hate Bush!)

Is it possible that nutter has read my blog and took exception to my comment on Americans looking ridiculous when they cry “why do they hate us?”

Just to test this theory I will bag the Swiss, mainly for being landlocked and stealing the America’s Cup! (if we were racist against the yanks would we want the America’s Cup? (although we did bash the shit out of the thing when we first one it, perhaps nutter has a point!))

Anyway, this nutter accuses Kiwis of being racist(!?) but what is not racist about their blog. I just would like the blogger to have the balls to disclose their nationality so i can take the piss!

How long till he’s got this story on his site….
(don’t these people know who they’re giving ammunition to!)

Comment by undergroundnetwork

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