Nutty as a fruit cake by underground

Forget house prices. Forget problems in the health sector. Forget teachers’ wages, inflation rates and free trade agreements. Let them eat cake. Let the poor children have their birthday cake and eat it too.

Despite leading in the polls, National seems incredibly desperate to smear Labour. Despite having absolutely nothing to do with the government, previously unknown politician Anne Tolley has accused Labour of outlawing birthday cakes at a North Shore school in Auckland. National must be short of policies, and must consider New Zealand’s education system to be perfectly fine, because this hysterical politician is National’s Education spokeswoman.

Now like a broken record National has accused Labour’s political correctness for ruining everyones lives. Despite the cake ban being an internal school initiative (parents were complaining about the cost of the tradition of every birthday buying a cake to take to school) , National sees the nanny state meddling in all affairs. Clearly the country is being run perfectly and we need not even hold an election if this is the kind of issue National would like to focus on. Lets forget about voting and ridiculous election campaigns and just wait until 2011. Perhaps by then the National Party will be able to find something serious that is wrong in this country and debate issues with this incompetent government of ours.

Can we just for once, please, have an election where politicians don’t attack each others personal lives and focus seriously on important issues. Perhaps National might even surprise all of us and show that they have policies (other than tax cuts of course). I’m not holding my breath though.

I challenge all parties to go until the elections without using the following meaningless terms:

Political correctness, mainstream, common sense, middle New Zealand, nanny state, family values, social engineering

I invite people to make suggestions on other terms that should be banned every 3 years. I’m aware that mine are all right wing favourites, I’d love to hear any left wing terms people would like banned.


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