Practice what you preach by underground

Tony Blair is a lot of things. Then he is none of those things. Britain were smitten by the man, but just as quickly bitten by the same man. Then like a messiah he went to save the Middle East, but the Middle East is still a mess. Now he’s God’s little helper. Methinks God should have hired someone else.

In the speech at Westminster (today, Britain time.), former British Prime Minister will declare that religion must be rescued from extremism and irrelevance.

“It is this face that gives militant secularism an easy target. It mocks certain of the practices and traditions of organised religion which they define as ‘faith’. ‘Faith’ is to be found in the cassocks and the gowns and the rituals.”

I love the idea of militant secularism. People going around with guns separating church and state. Dressed in camos, hiding in bushes outside churches, bugging confession boxes, and blowing up cathedrals in the pursuit of keeping god out of politics. If only they actually existed, Mr Blair. Then you might have a point. But the only point would is it’s religion’s fault it has become irrelevant.

Blair’s disclosures on his faith are interesting. Despite Alastair Campbell’s “we don’t do God”, Blair’s religion certainly guided his actions. Perhaps if he had relied on evidence instead of faith, he would not have gone to war in Iraq. For him to then argue that faith could help advance humanity and end global poverty, is particularly interesting. Perhaps I should reserve comment until I know exactly what he will say in the speech, as I would love to know how faith will ‘advance humanity’. I imagine Tony and I have differing views on humanity. I consider torture inhumane, but Tony has not talked his pal Bush out of using ‘advanced interrogation techniques’. I also consider indiscriminate killings inhumane, but Tony hardly condemned Israel for their disgusting use of cluster munitions in Lebanon. And as for poverty, perhaps the Vatican can distribute some of the excessive wealth they have to the poor in Africa without wasting it on building churches and demanding they convert to catholicism.

I love the bit down the bottom where:

“His commitment to religion and interfaith work is such that he was not paid for today’s speech, and will not be paid for any of the work he will do for the foundation.”

How honorable! Considering that he has been paid almost a million New Zealand dollars for some speeches, is it that hard for him not to get paid! Considering the Vatican’s new deadly sins Mr Blair is in the shit anyway, what part of not “accumulating excessive wealth” did Tony not understand.

And to the girl who is looking admirably down on Blair in the picture, you with the ‘school girl crush smile’ beaming from under your traditional religious headdress. I feel horrible telling you this, but you simply most know. Mr inter-faith, world peace, tolerance and love is a Catholic. He believes you’re going to hell!


Perhaps Mr Blair, you should practice what you preach. You lie, you deceive and then pop yourself up on a pedestal to tell the world how to be.

Good luck Mr Blair, you are going to need it. Each religion is under attack in the face of science and none can combat the erosion of their holy book’s key beliefs. So why not get together and maybe amongst you all you can form a doctrine that accounts for all the discoveries since the stone age times of your religions.

And maybe then you can account for those nasty militant secularists!


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