In defence of MMP in New Zealand by underground

I have often read scathing critiques of MMP from public letters to the editors and political analysts alike. Central to their criticisms are that list MPs are not elected directed by voters but brought to parliament on the party vote. These members are considered unaccountable to the voting public. Continue reading


Hello. by underground
March 31, 2008, 7:31 am
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Hello. First post of first blog. Do i have anything to say? no. Not just yet. You’ll have to wait. Till then, welcome to my blog. How are you today? That’s nice. I’m well, thanks for asking.

So a blog, what’s that all about? I’ve no idea. I hope to find out eventually and what better way to find out than to start one. I’m not very web savvy, I haven’t a myspace, bebo, facebook or whatever site, I haven’t a clue really about anything internety. But I feel like public airing my rants, so I’ve created a blog.

Underground network? I’ve always thought it would make a great newspaper title. This will be the closest thing for now. I did not create the name, I’ve borrowed (or should i say stole) it from an Anti-flag song, ‘underground network’.


“Underground Network, alternative communication,

Corporate media can’t keep us beat down, brainwashed, enslaved,

cause of our underground network, alternative communication”

As a journalism student, I harbour no illusions that i will never be constrained by the restrictions of corporate media, for we all need to earn a living and journalism is no exception. Because mass media is run as a business, it must sacrifice somethings to make money. But I hope to never let the commercial side of the media industry extinguish the reasons I wish to become a journalist. All those lofty ideals like truth, integrity, accountable and whatnot that hope to inject into society and into politics to flush out all the toxic something a-rather bla bla bla, im come back to this late

I hope to return to this when I’m sober, make it make sense. Remove some of the ‘somethings’ and add more specific words. I look forward to making some changes!

See you till next time.